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This journey begins with you contacting us either through phone, email or submission of the form on our contact page. A representative will contact you within 24-48 hours to do a brief phone consultation and schedule a formal meeting. At the meeting we will go over details pertaining to the project; i.e. the vision/purpose of the video project, location, talent and more. We will also go over the production aspect such as equipment (number of cameras, lights, audio), scheduling of date(s), time of filming and crew. After this meeting a quote will be submitted within 48 hours that will summarize the purpose, location, equipment/crew, production schedule, pricing and more. This process will conclude upon final acceptance of quote for the project.


Once the quote is accepted, signed and received by the client and Destiny Film and Media, the production process will proceed as planned. Our crew will arrive and setup prior to the event. We will touch base with the client and go over any details or unknown circumstances that may arise on production day. Filming will commence at start time or when talent/event is ready to begin. Once filming is complete, we will break down our equipment.


After filming, all footage is sent to post-production where editing and motion graphic design are used to produce a first cut. This part usually takes 2-3 weeks depending on the scope of the project. Once a first cut is ready, we will contact the client to make arrangements for viewing. If changes are to be made, the project is sent back to post with the changes and a second review is arranged within a week. This is continued until final acceptance. If no changes need to be made or the project is accepted, delivery of final cut will be arranged. Delivery can be on DVD, emailed or posted with a link sent to you.

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